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About Us

Degenhardt Glass Studio

11709 Lindeman Loop

Leander, Texas 78641

Phone - 512-267-0959

Email - inquiries@jdmglass.com

For information on ordering custom art glass work from Degenhardt Glass Studio click here to go to our Ordering Custom Work Page

Degenhardt Glass Studio is a well established, full phase, high quality, custom glass studio, originally founded in New York City, now based in the beautiful Hill Country just outside Austin, Texas . Our creations span from commission pieces, and restorations for famous and other houses of worship to the kitchens and baths, living rooms and dining rooms, entranceways and skylights of thousands of the finer homes and business's across the country.

Our meticulously handcrafted works are created start to finish right here in the studio, from design to finishing touch. Each work is individually created either by our design, or to your specs, using centuries old technique as well as integrating innovative methods to give a unique balance to an ancient art and  achieve a superior quality product.

We offer a wide range of art glass products including custom and reproduction windows and lamps, beveled glass windows, skylights, sandblasted and carved glass, fused and slumped glass, slab glass set in epoxy (dalles de verre), mosaics, cast and blown glass. We also offer museum quality restoration of  stained glass windows. We will install any product we create with the same attention to detail we give when making them.


Pictures of our studio

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Jack Working

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Glass Racks

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Jack removing work from a kiln in the studio, and pictures through the peephole with the kiln at full firing temperature.

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These are pictures of the beautiful view from our original studio. The first one is the Statue of Liberty on a blustery day. The second one is Staten Island, and the last is a picture of lower Manhattan Island, it was taken prior to the September 11th attacks and shows the New York skyline as it should still be. I almost did not put this picture in but this is always how I will remember this view. When I came to NY 15 years ago the World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty were the two things I wanted to see first. It broke my heart to watch the towers fall. I lost a great friend that day, Eric Allen was one of the hundreds of brave fire fighters who gave all to save others. He is survived by a lovely wife and beautiful daughter. He is a hero and he was my friend. I decided to put this picture on my webpage as a small tribute to him and to all the victims of that horrific day. Those great towers and all those great people are still here, and always will be, in our hearts. Rest in peace Eric.  

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