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Religious Works

Since its inception the art of creating stained glass has remained basically unchanged. Colored glass is wrapped in lead and joined with solder to form a united panel. Some of the tools utilized have improved to make the process easier, but the basic tenets are the same. Stained glass was originally used in religious settings in the Middle Ages to enhance the worship experience, and tell the stories of the religious texts in pictures for the illiterate masses.

In modern times stained glass has reached into the secular art world, however religious applications and the enhancement they bring to the worship experience are alive and well.

We at Degenhardt Glass Studios are dedicated to working with your congregation to help define your particular needs, and use our more than 25 years experience to guide you through the entire process, from design to fundraising and on through installation of the completed work.

We are also fully versed in the art of conservation/restoration of existing stained glass. For more information you can visit our Restoration and Protective Glazing page, or feel free to contact us anytime with questions concerning your existing stained glass windows or new window needs.

To see examples of some of our Religious themed stained glass work click here for the Religious Windows Gallery.

Etched and Carved Glass can also be a beautiful addition to any House of Worship. Click here for the Etching and Carving Gallery.


Kingsland Community Church is one of the many churches we have done work for. Below is a before and after picture of one wall in their sanctuary and a thank you/reference letter from them.

sanc left wall before.jpg (100901 bytes)  sanc left wall after.jpg (694822 bytes)

letter of recomendation2.jpg (231004 bytes)

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